The recovery of packaging for later use entails huge environmental benefits, not only in saving raw materials and energythat at after all also translates into lower costs for our customers, but also lower emission of greenhouse gases.

Ecobidon conducted a ground-breaking study in 2009 in the field of CO2 emissions. The processes performed at the plant were measured at Ecobidon’s plant, measuring CO2 emissions in our processes. According to the “T12-00491 of Europe INNOVA-ENT-CIP-09-C-N01S00 project”, the recovery of metal drums means a reduction in emissions compared to the use of new ones”.

The importance of recycling lies in the fact that by reducing waste material, we will reduce the damage caused to the environment and the economic impact in every sense.

Ecobidon performs its activities, with Integrated Environmental Authorisation nº 388/AAI/CV and transport authorisation nº 1177/RT/RNP/CV for non-hazardous waste and nº 00610/PP/CV, for hazardous waste.


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