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Managing packaging, and responsibility in waste treatment

The combined experience of all of our years in the management services of large-capacity vessels and reuse has led us to become one of the most important companies in the sector. ECOBIDON offers comprehensive management of all services related to packaging, which are not directly linked with the activity of our clients, offering significant cost savings at the same time.

Our motto and daily goal is to offer a high quality service, which is personalised to the needs of each client, always respecting environmental laws.

Our activity is covered by the integrated environmental authorization 388 / AAI / CV, and has certified its activity with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 for its activities: Transport, storage and reuse , recycling and recovery of empty containers and used, both hazardous and non-hazardous.


Facilities and Equipment

In order to provide high quality service, we have highly qualified and trained personnel for the treatment of packaging and recycled metal or plastic drums, as well as a technological deployment that can perform recycling tasks of packaging under comprehensive quality control.

In the development of our identity we have clearly defined our strategic development axes, and commit ourselves to customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders

Strategic axes of ECOBIDÓN:

  • Take part in package waste management, and the environment of our customers.
  • Guarantee the continuity of transport optimising resources.
  • Generation of synergy with partners and agencies to be an active part of market development.
  • Ensure the replenishment of used containers in order to ensure service to our clients, encouraging recycling at the same time.
  • Design a differentiation strategy of the company through excellence in service and processes, using it to generate brand awareness and proper positioning.

We believe that exposing our commitment was vital. It says a lot about us because it isn’t what we want to be. Its what we are and will be.


Provide industry with responsible and sustainable management of industrial packaging , through the removal of used packaging and the supply of the same after a recycling process, valuing those not suitable for reuse.


To be the reference partner at the national level for the treatment and reuse of industrial packaging, by volume, technological capacity and added value


Involved with our customers, suppliers, workers and interest groups, promoting respect for the environment and clean and profitable production, taking an active part in disseminating values of sustainability and progress and creating value for all those involved in our business processes .

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